Check out our list of prices of all the experiences at Vestkanten. Tickets are available to buy from our various receptions.

Ticket type
Price mon-thu / fri-sun and school holidays
Children up to 14 years/pensioners
175/185 kr
185/205 kr
Familyticket (2 adults and 2 children)
620/690 kr
Children under 3 years
100 kr

Children up til 14 år/pensioners
100 kr
115 kr
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children)
330 kr

1 game of bowling shoes included
115 kr.
2 games of bowling shoes included
220 kr.
Play as much as you want (weekdays until 5 pm, and not school vacations)
250 kr.
Groups more than 10 pers. weekdays finished before 5 p.m.
95 kr.
Norwegian Armed Forces per game
85 kr.

Curling with instruction duration 2 hours
300 kr pr person
Curling 1 hour
125 kr for en time pr person

295 kr
Adult 1 month
798 kr*
Annual card
6900 kr*

Chip braclet 60 Nok, must be paid for all new braclet or for loss braclet.

Minigolf child up to 14 y.o. weekday
105 kr. pr. time
Minigolf child up to 14 y.o. weekend (from friday 17.00)
115 kr. pr. time
Minigolf adult weekday
140 kr. pr. time
Minigolf adult weekend (from friday 17.00)
150 kr. pr. time